Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets and Non-competition Agreements

What are your most valuable assets? They are your people, but also your identity, ideas, brand, methods, procedures and knowledge that give you that competitive edge.  We help clients protect their intellectual property through registration, NDAs, non-compete agreements and enforcement.  We also help clients to license trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.


We can help you select and protect your trademark and service mark to give your business a brand and identity that will last. We first determine whether there are any potentially conflicting trademarks or service marks.  When you’ve settled on a mark we prepare the registration filings, and, when we know how the mark is to be used, we determine the appropriate class(es) for which registration should be made.  We provide advice on infringement and licensing of those marks.


We prepare and file copyright registrations on behalf of clients in order to better protect their works. We also counsel businesses on matters concerning copyright law, including expiration of copyright, licensing and infringement.

Trade Secrets

We provide advice and counsel concerning best practices for trade secret protection and licensing, and by drafting the appropriate NDAs and employment policies related to trade secrets.

Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants must be drafted carefully so that they are likely to be upheld by courts, while at the same time offering significant protection for legitimate company interests.   We help clients to balance those interests, obtaining the protection that is best for them.

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