Even in this virtual age, most businesses have a central relationship with land and buildings. Whether you are an owner-investor, developer, landlord, or tenant, your use of real estate can affect everything from your economics to employee morale.

We represent real estate investors, landlords, tenants, developers, property managers, homeowners’ associations, tax professionals, and others who use the land and improvements and are involved in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

The purchase or sale of commercial real estate is a lot more complicated than the exchange of a deed for money.  The seller wants a clean break and cash.  The buyer wants to know what it is buying and to reduce the risk that it is taking on unknown liabilities.  These goals are competing, not necessarily compatible, until the benefits and risks of the deal are appropriately allocated between the parties through a negotiated purchase and sale agreement and appropriate due diligence and contingencies.  Moreover, the typical transaction will involve brokers, lenders, insurers, tenants, environmental and engineering consultants, surveyors, contractors, title companies, and escrow agents, in addition to the buyer and seller (and the buyer’s and seller’s investors).  It may involve permitting agencies or adjoining property owners.  All concerned must clearly understand their roles and deadlines through carefully constructed agreements.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we can help you keep all those moving parts moving to achieve your goal on time.  Let us know when you plan to buy or sell.


When a landlord leases its property to a tenant, the landlord surrenders all use and most control of the property to the tenant.  And yet, if that lease is not properly crafted, the landlord may find that it has retained much of the risk arising from that tenant’s use of the premises.  From the tenant’s perspective, a long-term lease may be the single largest economic transaction the business enters.

We assist landlords and tenants in leasing office, retail, and industrial properties.  We strive to negotiate leases that allocate the risks of use of the property to protect the landlord’s investment in the property while allowing the tenant’s use of the property to achieve its goals.

Real Estate Development

We assist developers in structuring their limited liability companies and other entities, agreements with owners, investors and contractors, financing, and lease-up.  We can help manage the neighbors, obtaining temporary and permanent easements and other agreements to facilitate development and construction.  Our clients range from family-owned development companies to mid-sized developers.

When disputes arise during development, we assist our clients in seeking to resolve these disputes in an expeditious manner when possible, often through using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.  We understand that time is critical in the development process, and our advice is based on providing timely pragmatic solutions consistent with business objectives.

Property Management

We help owners and commercial property managers with leasing, negotiating tenant improvements, resolving disputes with tenants, regulatory compliance, and evictions. We also represent homeowner associations in a variety of matters, including governance issues and property-related disputes.