Trademark & Copyright Development and Protection

Seattle Trademark & Copyright Lawyers

As Seattle trademark and copyright lawyers, we help clients protect their intellectual property through registration.  We also help clients desiring to license trademarks and copyrights through licensing.

Registration of Trademarks and Service Marks – Availability

For clients seeking trademark and service mark registration, we assist in first determining whether there are any potentially conflicting trademarks or service marks.  We additionally prepare the registration filings, and, when we know how the mark is to be used, we determine the appropriate class(es) for which registration should be made.

For clients doing business internationally, it’s important to determine whether registration should be made in countries outside the United States.  If such registrations are desired, we can work with local counsel in other countries to pursue appropriate registration.

In connection with registration, we also advise clients concerning the initial registration fees required, the term of the initial registration, and the dates at which renewals should be undertaken in order to preserve protection.

After the registration documents have been filed, we work on behalf of clients to answer any questions that may be forthcoming from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including any objections that they may make to registration.

Copyright Registration

We prepare and file copyright registrations on behalf of clients in order to better protect their works.  Additionally, we counsel companies of matters concerning copyright law, including expiration of copyright and licensing.

Infringing Marks or Copyright

We also assist companies who may become aware of infringing uses of trademarks, service marks, or copyright.