Software Development and Licensing

Seattle Software License Attorneys for Development, Protection, and Licensing

We represent software developers in connection with software development and licensing, and licensees in connection with license negotiation.

Our Representation of Software Licensors

Our representation of software licensors is focused on:

  • Helping companies ensure that employees involved in the development process have executed confidentiality and work-for-hire agreements,
  • Working with companies to determine the best way to protect intellectual property through patents, trademarks, and copyright,
  • Developing and implementing a plan to protect such rights in the United States and in other countries,
  • Developing strategies concerning how to best monetize intellectual property through license or sale,
  • Preparation of license or sale agreements.

As experienced software license attorneys, we guide clients through all aspects of the development and licensing process, discuss the monetization possibilities, and assist in protecting intellection property through registration and other methods, as well as in transaction agreements.

Our Representation of Software Licensees

We assist software licensees in the contracting process through negotiation and review of the proposed license agreement.  Specific areas of focus often include the scope and use of the license, payment terms, indemnification, issues concerning license seats, and, in some cases, improvements that may be made to the technology by licensees.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist in your company’s license needs.