Contact Drafting and Negotiation

Seattle Contract Lawyers

As our lawyers have each been practicing business law for more than 25 years, we are experienced in drafting and negotiating virtually all types of contracts for our clients, including those involving:

  • Purchases and sales of companies, goods, services, assets, stock, intellectual property, and real estate
  • Licenses of technology, rights, and software
  • Distribution, supplier, sales, and marketing arrangements
  • Non-compete, confidentiality, restrictive covenants, employment, commission, bonus, severance, and termination agreements.

Anticipating Your Needs and Protecting Your Interests

We draft contracts to embody the terms of business relationships and to protect the interests of our clients.  In significant long-term contracts, we work with clients to identify potential adverse events that might occur, and draft contracts to cover such potential circumstances (recognizing that no attorney has a crystal ball capable of seeing all potential adverse events that might occur).

A significant way that we protect client interests is by seeking to document the entire understanding of the parties in clear, unambiguous terms.  We know that the better that a contract is drafted, the less likely it is that contractual disagreements will arise.

If your business is in need of experienced business contract counsel, we would invite you to call our firm.